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Anonymous: If u really want to know from my understanding succotash is basically a bunch of cucumbers floating around in vinegar and maybe a few other vegetables? but ye lots of vinegar.


This is the favorite dish of the place I’ve chosen to live. Welcome to Rhode Island kids

This is so wrong


Succotash is a corn dish. No vingar and no cucumbers. Still kinda gross tho because lima beans

Dangerous Liaisons || AU

Susan sat in the front portion of her chambers, where she and her ladies sat doing various tasks to keep themselves occupied. Susan, herself, was embroidering a set of sleeves for one of her new dresses, wanting to do it herself to make sure it got perfect. 

Her husband, the King had decided to leave for a three day hunting trip in the middle of a diplomatic negotiation. It was rather rude, in her opinion, but he refused her counsel constantly. The wife of the visiting dignitary had returned home, discovering she was pregnant and not wanting to stay and risk giving birth in a foreign country or on a ship. 

Which meant that the only person in the castle that she could have an equal conversation with was the man himself, the one whose name she refused to even think. He was handsome, young, at least for a King, and his very presence had caused her numerous problems. She had meant to appear standoffish so that he’d have no encouragement to speak to her, but each time they had interacted she had turned into a giggling child. They had danced together twice a few days before and her hands still tingled where he had touched them. She was heading down a very dark road in her thoughts, though she did well to not reveal it to anyone around her.